Misha Collins is the most attractive man on Earth for fat teenage girls who really think Dean/Castiel will ever be canon[1] every woman and man with good taste. To everyone else, he's a normal, but pretty cool guy with an ugly a cool wife who's into threesomes.

Facts about Misha Collins:Edit

  • Misha Collins > JGL nope.avi
  • Castiel is awesome and should end up with Dean
  • I've claimed Misha as my Husbando long before you did
  • Misha can speak Russian
  • Misha made most of the furniture for his house
  • Misha writes poetry
  • Misha's wife is his highschool sweetheart and is into threesomes
  • Misha doesn't have children as of September 2010, which means that he's in the closet


[1] You don't need to ship Dean/Castiel to know that Misha is attractive, but it's true that most people do.