Fred on TV

Let's break down the Fred situation.

Before the movie there were those who hated his videos on YouTube, those who were indifferent, those who had never seen them and those who thought they were great. Most of /tv/ were the haters, some apathetic and maybe a very small minority who liked them.

The movie was greenlit and /tv/ found out about it. The haters posted it constantly which spread Fred awareness. Those indifferent watched his videos, those who had no idea who he was looked him up. Haters kept hating.

Then the movie came out. The apathetic and naive, hyped up by /tv/, watched to see how it would turn out. The haters were then in the minority.

The people watching the movie, the majority, were having fun with it and "liked" it as much as any rational person could. The haters seen how much fun they were having and decided to join in instead of being angsty teenagers who hate everything popular.

Now everyone wants to watch it and /tv/ will come out liking it in the end. That's when the backlash will start. Which it already has.